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What is Design Build?

Design-build is an integrated approach that offers design and construction services under one contract, with a single point of responsibility. By assuming responsibility for the entire project, from designing to installation, a contractor exerts a level of quality control rarely, if ever, seen in the “plan and spec” world.  Benefits include faster delivery, cost savings and better quality.  A single entity decreases owners’ administrative burden and allows them to focus on successfully delivering the project, rather than managing separate pieces or relationships.. The approach also reduces owner risk and results in fewer litigation claims.

Commonly, it is assumed that by having engineering firms draft and stamp blueprints, specifically detailing the scope of work, then turning it out to the lowest qualified bidder, customers can be confident in getting the biggest bang for their buck, while getting a quality product.  In reality, this is rarely the case.  When issues occur between the unaffiliated designers and installers of a system, they typically result in lost time and cost overruns.  Why? Because opposing opinions over how to execute plans and designs almost always lead to cutting corners or taking the inexpensive way out of the situation. Design-build, on the other hand, comes with the promise of a single point of contact and accountability.  Additionally, the design-build process takes advantage of overlapping design and construction phases to offer time savings.

The Benefits of design-build contractor

Guaranteed performance and result

Guaranteed performance and result

Guaranteed performance and result

Equipment Installation & Replacement

As buildings age, new costs and complexities arise. Whether that’s a result of deferred maintenance, age or malfunction,  HVAC/R, mechanical, plumbing, piping and fabrication constitute expenditures.

Thayer offers brand-agnostic expertise and the capacity to design, install, service and protect your mechanical assets, reduce capital expenditures, and realize energy savings. We provide solutions to keep your building running efficiently, effectively and safely.

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